Ken Lovell is a visual artist living and working in Connecticut. He works with both traditional and digital materials. Read a recent article about Ken’s work at C-Print Journal.

An artist whose multimedia work utilizes a variety of materials and techniques, Ken holds an MFA in painting from Yale University and a BFA from Indiana University in printmaking. He is currently the Associate Director of the Yale University Digital Media Center for the Arts where he has worked since 1998. In that time he has taught a wide variety of fundamental workshops and guided numerous advanced independent projects in digital graphics, programming, electronics, and 3D scanning and printing. He has worked extensively with Yale’s Museums to develop digital media standards and best practices. His teaching at the DMCA focuses on interdisciplinary digital media and arts production designed to integrate emerging technologies into traditional art workflows. He has been a lecturer at the Yale School of Art, and School of Drama.

Recent exhibitions, lectures and publications are here.

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March 30, 2015