Workshop Notes

 Notes from my Workshop: Artists Portfolios for the Web

Domain Hosting: 

Your web address, can be directed to your webhost, or your blog or to any valid web address.
You can buy a domain name from or or do a google search for domain hosting reviews and compare and contrast the features.

Web Hosting: 

Server space to store your files, you need this if you are creating your page in Dreamweaver, Lightroom or from scratch, unless you have Yale server space available to you.
You can buy web hosting from or or do a
google search for web hosting reviews and compare and contrast the

Online Portfolio sites:

Most of these sites will allow you to have a name like: or and they usually have free and pay options, with or without ads, with templates that you can use to fill in your information.

Weebly  artist example:
WordPress artist example:
Or you can do a
google search for artist portfolio reviews and compare and contrast the

Special note: if you are using a blog site, your have the option of setting your first page to posts or to a static page which might best suit your porfolio site. Then use their template or widget to insert your gallery.

Additional services you may need or want:

A youtube or vimeo account to upload video and audio files to embed in your site
A flickr or google picasa account to store your images online
A account to edit and create portfolio sites

Do it yourself site:

Using Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, or Dreamweaver to make your own site, and combine that with embedded content might be useful.

Sample images for testing in Bridge and Lightroom

Plugins and Helpers:

How to embed video, plugins for your hand-made site to make galleries. There is usually a button down at the corner of the video or slideshow or whatnot. You can embed your twitter feed there too, if you want use that to update, and link back to your facebook or linkedin pages if you are using this as a professional contact tool.

Galleria (a javascript tool that pulls your sets from flickr) so you only have to update your images at Flickr but not at your site itself.