This is another panel from the Brunetti homework. I am not sure about this one. Some are going to be less interesting than others. And that might be an understatement. We shall see. I guess the point is to work through it.



It is summer and I am working my way through Ivan Brunetti’s Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice book. It is a bit like doing Couch to 5K, and I am picking up where I left off. I feel determined to get through it, especially in light of comments he made about certain weeks being tell-tale stumbling blocks for people. Sink or swim sort of times. This one surprised me by being a little darker and stranger than I intended to be.

Staycation Postcards starts this coming Friday!

Staycation Postcards is a class I am offering at Creative Arts Workshop this summer. Fridays 1-4 pm. Choose to fill a watercolor postcard book, an accordion fold sketchbook, paint 6 small panels or sketch on your iPad with fellow artists as we travel to local sites for 6 weeks. It starts this Friday and you can sign up here at


This is a screenshot from my first Processing program which I wrote this week with the gracious Katie O’Shaughnessey who teaches Math at Foote and hosted the professional development workshop I was in, called Coding and You! It was a wonderful treat to be a student for the week, and now I have lots of ideas for processing projects that are just elusively beyond my reach, but which I am going to love learning how to solve. More to come by the end of the summer, with hope.

testing out pollcaster

I am testing out Pollcaster for voting on images. These are mine, but I plan to use this as a voting tool in my Photography Class at Hopkins, so my students can vote on the most convincingly restored photograph, because they have learned photoshop retouching techniques this month. Top vote gets a special prize, a real life Photoshop Magic Wand tool. If only it really worked for real.

Ken has bucket

ken has bucket

Ken found this charcoal drawing on newsprint from 1986 from a summer drawing class taught by Ron Markman for which we both modeled. OMG! I love this drawing, it is one of the earliest drawings I ever did of Ken. It is “preserved” under acetate, so the minute it comes out of this plastic, it will dissolve, I am sure. There is another drawing behind it, but I am scared to take this apart to see what it is.