Drawing Bootcamp at Creative Arts Workshop

This past weekend, I held my annual Drawing Bootcamp at Creative Arts Workshop. We cram as many beginning drawing skills into 3 hour blocks as possible.

For some, this is the first experience drawing standing at an easel. Most of us are used to drawing smaller, sitting at a desk or in a little sketchbook. Standing while drawing allows you to make marks using your whole arm, so you can create longer more fluid lines in your drawing.

During one exercise, we focused on using the negative shapes, the spaces between objects, to help us measure the proportions of a ladder.

The last picture shows a student hanging up a collaboratively drawn drawing. My students were so nice to humor me with this request. They each added to the drawing with a different color marker, relying on the previous person’s measurements and marks.

May 28 Blog post

I have just migrated my entire blog from blogspot over here to my wordpress site. It is taking me a bit of time to adjust to a new workflow and I have not made many posts lately because I have been busy wrapping up the spring semester at Hopkins. Friday was my last official class day with my students, but there is still a week of exams (well, for me, proctoring other people’s exams, and writing comments for my students.) I am going to miss them fiercely. I am afraid I was totally a distracted teacher this term due to lots of different reasons. I let them take as long as they wanted with projects, but that meant that they got a little less formal feedback and a lot more working time. As usually, I guess, I could take out one project, and leave more room for dialogue. But that is neither here nor there. They did tons of cool work and hopefully I will be posting some of it here soon.