The Arts at Yale Health

I am honored and grateful that both Ken Lovell and I are a part of this upcoming exhibition, Care: The Arts at Yale Health. Below is their Instagram feed. I am showing my Quarantine Collage series and Ken is showing Franconia Notch. A very big round of thanks to Meredith Miller and Peter Steere and the Arts at Yale Health Committee.


I am starting a Portrait class at Creative Arts Workshop this May. So herewith are some portraits that I am thinking about, in no particular order.

Visual Journal Night Two discussion links

Here are some links to artists we talked about in Journaling last week.

Amanda Birnham‘s CSPAN drawings

Amanda Birnham's CSPAN drawings
Amanda Birnham’s CSPAN drawings

Katayoun Vaziri’s gouache paintings using negative space in public places at

Katayoun Vaziri's painting
Katayoun Vaziri’s gouache paintings

The call for Art for the 2018 Silence Breakers Exhibition in conjunction with Nasty Women Connecticut is due soon

William Coldstream draws the spaces  in between things, as do Mondrian, and Charles Cajori, and Morandi

Starting a Visual Journal Class One

This is a blog post for the students who are in Starting a Visual Journal, CAW Winter Session 2018. Herein, I will try to remember all the sites I showed you and other relevant information, such as favorite books, materials etc. There will also be links to the journal prompts and drawing prompts that I recommend for this course.

Links to Visual Journals

Books I mentioned in Class

Links to the prompts I handed out


May 28 Blog post

I have just migrated my entire blog from blogspot over here to my wordpress site. It is taking me a bit of time to adjust to a new workflow and I have not made many posts lately because I have been busy wrapping up the spring semester at Hopkins. Friday was my last official class day with my students, but there is still a week of exams (well, for me, proctoring other people’s exams, and writing comments for my students.) I am going to miss them fiercely. I am afraid I was totally a distracted teacher this term due to lots of different reasons. I let them take as long as they wanted with projects, but that meant that they got a little less formal feedback and a lot more working time. As usually, I guess, I could take out one project, and leave more room for dialogue. But that is neither here nor there. They did tons of cool work and hopefully I will be posting some of it here soon.