May 28 Blog post

I have just migrated my entire blog from blogspot over here to my wordpress site. It is taking me a bit of time to adjust to a new workflow and I have not made many posts lately because I have been busy wrapping up the spring semester at Hopkins. Friday was my last official class day with my students, but there is still a week of exams (well, for me, proctoring other people’s exams, and writing comments for my students.) I am going to miss them fiercely. I am afraid I was totally a distracted teacher this term due to lots of different reasons. I let them take as long as they wanted with projects, but that meant that they got a little less formal feedback and a lot more working time. As usually, I guess, I could take out one project, and leave more room for dialogue. But that is neither here nor there. They did tons of cool work and hopefully I will be posting some of it here soon.